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Indore, Madhya Pradesh, IN

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More than just a programmer, I am a tech entrepreneur like you. I have prepared strategies for many serious businesses and implemented them successfully.

I am a full stack programmer who can design your vision and enhance it with robust programs.
My main vertical is E-Commerce "Of Every Sort". When it comes to technology my preference is:
* Laravel for backend.
* VueJS/ReactJs for frontend.

I love Laravel and its sophisticated architecture which opens the doors to write scalable applications with PHP.
I have developed robust web apps using Laravel APIs and Vue/react JS for front end, I rejoice this evolution of web development.

I have heavily customized the Woocommerce for medium sized stores.
I've also been developing CUSTOM PLUGINS for WooCommerce since 2011, like:
1. Purchase Order plugin, which avails you to figure out, prepare and send the purchase orders to your suppliers.
2. Group Orders, which allows you to create groups of users such that a group admin is able to see all orders placed by group members.
3. Product QA: Put question and answers for Woo products, to be displayed on the single product page.

Besides, I love working with Magento.

I also wrote crawlers in Python for affiliate sites which are making decent money now.
I have extensively implemented and enhanced popular CRMs like SugarCRM, SuiteCRM. I can create extensions for them as well.

I am well aware of the famous web servers like Apache and Nginx and DB like MySQL and MongoDB.

I am a contributor to many open source projects and love doing this on a daily basis. One of the goals of my life is to be the part of a project which can hugely improve the lives of the developers' community.

I am here to help YOU in YOUR business.


Node.js PHP Wordpress


Bachelor Degree in Information Technology / RGPV Biaora From June 2008 to June 2011


Senior Software Engineer / Ideavate Solutions Indore From August 2013 to August 2016
1. Custom PHP Application for GPS based asset tracking system.
2. Custom PHP/ NodeJS application for a Health Care AP
3. Developed REST API's for a project
4. Worked on OPENEMR and HIPPA compliance.

Mission / Purpose