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I am a an organizational talent with strong interest in personal vitality, and strongly driven to make impact. I am a positive, energetic and authentic millennial who cannot wait to go off the beaten track. I like to share stories and create movement; I believe in change. Always looking for personal development and new challenges to learn and develop others and myself. In order to keep myself into this, I think it is important to stay fit and vigorous. Healthy eating, strength sports, good sleep and from time to time I shut down my phone, stroll and relax. A vital lifestyle and mindset helps you with everything in life.

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I have actually two master's degrees. One in organization studies, graduated on organizational/social network analyses. The second in business communication and digital media, graduated on the effects of the implementation of eHealth practices (organizational change). Additionally, I recently became a certified personal trainer and did a lot of self-study in the field of vitality.

I have worked for years as a project manager / coordinator /advisor. My last position was as a CSR project manager and the management assistant of the CSR Director (50-50). On the one hand, mainly responsible for the organization of CSR related events, partner relationships and the roll-out of an employee wellbeing program. On the other hand, all administrative and facilitative work for the director. Furthermore, I have been working as a coordinator of the decoration team for the biggest festival in the Netherlands. Worked as an interim HR project manager to re-organize the HR department including the systems. And lastly started my career as an advisor in the social sector mainly doing organizational network analyses for ministeries and municipalities.

So many people nowadays suffer from physical and mental issues: obesity- and burn-out rates have never been so high. In the economy of productivity, we prefer 'to be someone out there' over the quality of life. We are losing the essence of life and forget, really forget, to take good care of ourselves.

It is my mission to help people to become vital again. We need to go back to the basics to live our life to the fullest. We need to start living again instead of surviving in this highly demanding world.