Amsterdam, NL

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I'm a corporate storyteller specialised in public speaking, training and creative processes.
I have loads of experience with:
- Storytelling
- Public speaking
- Training people
- Developing workshops and trainings
- Leading creative processes
- Writing (English and Dutch)
- Content marketing

Project Management Organiser Coaching HTML Creativity Wordpress Blogs Google Analytics SEO English writing E-mail marketing Copywriting

I have a bachelor degree in Leisure Management with a strong focus on:
- creative business
- creative processes
- storytelling
- writing
- education innovation

I've been a freelancer and entrepreneur for 6 years and in that time I have taught storytelling at universities and governments, to entrepreneurs and all kinds of teams, creative and not so creative.
I've led creative teams in concepting and pitching.

For the past two years, I've also worked remotely as a content manager for a Dutch tech company. Here I'm responsible for all written content: website copy, social media, SEO, blogs, customer success stories and email marketing.

Raising voices. I am passionate about making stories heard, especially the stories of those who've been told to be silent one too many times. I help people craft and tell their own stories, stories that hit home and make people feel. The fight for a better world is not a quiet business.
Let's make some noise.