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I am a free spirit with a passion for stories. I have been an entrepreneur for 15 years and in these years I have travelled the world, seen a lot of different workplaces and created my ideal life. A life where I pursue my passion for stories, writing and connecting.

I love to write and share stories. Stories is what brings us together, what gives life meaning and understanding. As a storyteller I write books and blogs, I share online inspiration in video's and blogs and bring people together during inspiration sessions.

I have explored all kinds of fields like tourism, retail, catering industry, communication, business, the spiritual world and I realised that I am a connector between all these worlds. As a free spirit with a lot of experience in all kinds of organisations I am very good in connecting all kinds of dots and be able to come up with new ideas and solutions.


Blogs Coaching Copywriting Creativity Organiser Project Management


I have a degree in marketing&communications, business strategy and communication. Besides that I am a yoga teacher.


I have worked as a communication project manager for 4 years in a small business
I have worked as an entrepreneur, writer and public speaker for 5 years
I have worked as a cook for 4 years
I have worked as a flotilla leader for 3 years
I have worked as a consultant/business development manager for 2 years

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It is my mission to help people get out of the rat race and create the life that suits them best. I believe that people will live better lives once they work according to their natural talents. In my own personal life I went on a personal journey to discover what makes me happy. And I would advise everyone to start this quest, so together we can create a world that is more balanced and sustainable for our future.