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In my last blog I shared 5 tips from my first worktravel trip as a digital nomad to Barcelona. One of the things I recommended is to find a good co-working space. Of course you can choose to work from any place, but finding the right co-working space boosts your creativity and productivity. Best of all, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

To help you find the right co-working space I visited a different co-working space each day during my time in Barcelona. These is my personal top 5.


Depot Lab is a medium sized co-working located at the border of Eixample and Gracia.  It was born out of a dutch concept store in 2016. Now it offers a variety of working spaces.

The basement is used by teams from one of their bigger clients. On the main floor there are different co working desks. Those are mainly used by members, but you’ll find some people visiting for just a couple of days here as well.

The people working here are a mix of locals and nomads. Because this co working is born out of a dutch concept store (and one of the owners is dutch) you’ll find a large group of dutch people working here.

During my time in Barcelona this was the place I kept going back to. That had not so much to do with the place itself, but it had everything to do with the owners Deborah and Renzo. They create a family feeling that made me feel at home.


La Vaca is located in an old milk factory in Poble Sec. Here you will find a laid back co-working in an oasis of creative chaos. This is the place to work, chill, have fun and make friends.

La Vaca is separated into two floor. Both have their own coffee corner, a variety of open desks, private spaces and places to chil (they even have their own bar). The people in La Vaca are a mix of digital nomads, entrepreneurs and creatives. La Vaca organizes all sort of different events for their community. From workshops to yoga classes and other sport activities. Pricing goes from € 15,- for a day to € 150,- to € 190,- for an all in monthly subscription. Unlimited coffee and water are included.

If you are looking for an inspiring environment with an awesome vibe to spark your creativity, this is your place to be. I really enjoyed working in La Vaca and will definitely go back on my next visit to Barcelona.


Coco Coffice is an interesting concept if you like flexibility. It combines a coffee place with an office, that’s why it’s called Coffice. The place is intimate and inspiring.

What’s really interesting about the concept is that it’s focussed on nomad workers looking for flexibility. In the morning you just check in at the reception before you get to work and enjoy the great coffee. After you are finished you check out and only pay for the hours you have worked, no strings attached.

The people working in CocoCoffice are mostly nomads workers in the creative sector. They gives the place a good, creative vibe. If I would be in Barcelona for just a couple of days and needed an inspiring place to work this one would definitely be on my list.

If you are like me (which means you like being flexible and having different locations to work from) CocoCoffice offers a really interesting concept called Satellites. With a satellites membership you can visit different locations in Barcelona where you can work. Most of these are hotel lobbies, so they are good working places but of course don’t offer a coworking community vibe.


MOB (Makers of Barcelona) is the oldest co-working spaces in Barcelona, it opened in 2011. They have different locations in Barcelona the one I visited (MOB Bailén) is located in an old textile factory. At the entrance you’ll find FabCafe, this is a seperate space where you get your coffee and have a chat.

MOB is a large co-working space with different workplaces and meeting rooms on different levels. Their community is a mix of tech and creative people. During the week MOB organizes different events that are a great way to get to know the community while learning a new skill or two.

Working here was a pleasant experience. The area where I was working was quiet, this made it easy to focus. The people here are mostly working there for a longer period of time. MOB offers different memberships. One day is € 15,-. Monthly memberships go from € 65,- to € 220,- for a month.


BCNewt is located in an old building in Poblenou, the tech and innovation centre of Barcelona. Within the building you’ll find a variety of places to work from and different rooms you can book for meetings and workshops. BCNewt is build around sustainability, collaboration, inspiration and inclusion. In total BCNewt has a capacity to host up to 100 people. Most of the people working at BCNewt are locals or people staying in Barcelona for a long time.

BCNewt uses different prize packages. That go from working as a traveler for one day for € 20,- to € 230,- a month for the full, no limits package. If you are looking for a place to spark you creativity or just a place in Barcelona to work for one or a couple of days I wouldn’t recommend BCNewt. But if you are planning to stay in Barcelona for a longer period and you are an entrepreneur or working in technology BCNewt could be just the place for you.


We hope this blog helps you the find a co-working space in Barcelona that fits your needs in. If you have any questions feel free to reply or send us a message.