How it works

1 year, 1 month ago


At Passionfruit we are on a mission. We are an online platform that empowers digital nomads & freelancers to do what they love and make an impact. To do this we use innovative technology and build a community of like-minded, trustworthy individuals.

At the moment we are developing a unique matchmaking system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make the best match between a job and a digital nomad or freelancer.. Our deep matching technology not only uses hard criteria (work experience & education) but also soft criteria (skills, brain type, personality) and reviews.

Join us (it’s free) to be matched with jobs and experience it yourself.



Our matchmaking system automatically matches your profile with the best jobs, gigs and projects for you. Besides you can search our database yourself and apply for interesting jobs.


If you are selected by a client you’ll receive a request for a proposal. After an optional interview you’ll hear if you got the job.


In a shared workspace you share files and chat with your client. You easily keep your client updated about the status of the project.


After completing your gig, or in case of a job or project a milestone, you’ll send a notification to your client. After your client confirms the project is completed you get paid. We are there to help you if something goes wrong.



Upload a job, project or gig. Our matchmaking algorithm matches gives you a shortlist with the best self-employed professionals. You compare candidates by looking at their profile, reviews and job history.


You select the best candidates and invite them to send you a proposal. You have the possibility to interview them before you make your choice.


You get a request to pay before the project (or a milestone) starts. The payment is only released to your client when the project is finished and you are satisfied. We help you in case something goes wrong.


You use our shared working space to chat and share files. You can keep track of the progress of the project at all times. After the project is finished this is where you'll find the deliverables.