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Passionfruit for digital nomads & freelancers

We are on a mission to empower you by building a business ecosystem around your needs. With a multi-sided platform, a strong community and all the tools and services you need to build a successful business.

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Passionfruit for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

We are on a mission to help you realize your goals by connecting you with our community of freelancers and digital nomads. We use AI to match your projects to the freelancers and digital nomads, based on skills, reviews, purpose and personality.

Join Passionfruit to work with freelancers matching your purpose.

How It Works


Step 1

Get a Job

Our matchmaking system automatically matches your profile with new jobs, gigs and projects. If you are selected by a client you’ll receive a request for a proposal. After an optional interview you’ll hear if you got the job.


Step 2


In a shared workspace you share files and chat with your client. You easily keep your client updated about the status of the project.


Step 3

Get Paid

After completing your gig - or in case of a job or project - a milestone you’ll easily send a payment request to your client and get paid. We are there to help you if something goes wrong.


Step 4


After finishing the project you’ll receive a review score from your client. This is added to your profile and used by our matchmaking system for future projects. You’ll receive a request to write a short review on your client as well.

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