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Passionfruit for digital nomads & freelancers

'We are on a mission to empower, inspire and connect digital nomads, freelancers & entrepreneurs. We use innovative technology (AI) to develop tools that enable our community to do what they love and make a difference'

Passionfruit is an online platform for digital nomads, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We use innovative technology (AI) to build a unique multi-sided platform that connects digital nomads & freelancers with purposeful entrepreneurs and businesses.

It is our mission to enable you as a digital nomad or freelancer to focus on doing what you love. While you work on exciting projects we help you deal with the daily hassle of being a freelancer.

Complete an online application to join the Passionfruit community. We review every application to ensure that we build a trustworthy community build around like-minded individuals with a purpose. Once approved our matchmaking system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically match you to exciting new projects. You also get access to innovative online tools and services that are build to help you get the most out of your talent.

You do what you love, we help you with the rest.

How it works

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Our matchmaking system automatically matches your profile with new jobs, gigs and projects. If you are selected by a client you’ll receive a request for a proposal. After an optional interview you’ll hear if you got the job.
In a shared workspace you share files and chat with your client. You easily keep your client updated about the status of the project.
Get paid
After completing your gig - or in case of a job or project - a milestone you’ll easily send a payment request to your client and get paid. We are there to help you if something goes wrong.
After finishing the project you’ll receive a reviewscore from your client. This is added to your profile and used by our matchmaking system for future projects. You’ll receive a request to write a short review on your client asswel.


Passionfruit is focused on digital nomads in the categories listed below. See each category to see the open job opportunities for you.

Accountancy & consultancy:

Finance consultant
Business coach
CSR consultant

Creative & design:

UX Designer
Graphic designer
Front end developer


Spanish – English translator
English – German translator
Dutch – English translator


Virtual Assistant
Sales Consultant


Social media specialist
Online marketing expert
SEA Specialist
SEO Specialist
E-commerce Specialist


Back-end developer
Full Stack developer

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Community members

Passionfruit for clients

With Passionfruit you find the best digital freelancers to help your business grow.

Our innovative matchmaking system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find the best freelancers in our trustworthy community. Out of a short list with the best matches you choose the freelancer you want to work with. Your payment to the freelancer is released after the job is completed and you are satisfied with the work.

Use Passionfruit to grow your company. Try it yourself by uploading a job, it’s free!

Co-creation community

The platform you are using is a beta version. We are constantly building a platform that contributes to your success in the best way possible. We do this in collaboration with our co-creation community. Members of our community actively think with us and test new functionalities first. They provide us with valuable data and feedback.

Do you want to help us build a platform that suits your needs in the best possible way? You can join our co-creation community for free. In exchange you’ll get exclusive benefits and are the first to test new premium functionalities for free.

UX designer

Online marketing specialist


Virtual Assistant

We are Passionfruit


Through our blogs we are going to share the lessons we learn on our journey building Passionfruit (including our f*ck ups). We share our about entrepreneurship, the digital nomad lifestyle and personal growth. We do this through blogs, guest blogs and interviews.

Eén van de belangrijkste dingen die succesvolle mensen onderscheid van minder succesvolle mensen is de manier waarop ze communiceren. Helder en duidelijk communiceren met anderen (én met jezelf) is essentieel voor jouw succes als zelfstandig professional of ondernemer.  In deze blog geven we je 5 waardevolle tips die jou helpen (nog) succesvoller te communiceren. 1....

In onze blog delen we wekelijks nieuwsupdates, persoonlijke verhalen en waardevolle tips met jou als zelfstandig professional of ondernemer. Dit doen we niet alleen zelf, iedere maand geven we in onze blog het woord aan één van onze community leden. In een guest blog deelt hij of zij waardevolle informatie met jou over zijn of...

Je hebt het ongetwijfeld ergens gehoord. 25 Mei is het zover. Vanaf dat moment wordt de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming gehandhaafd. Wil jij weten of je er klaar voor bent? Deze checklist is bedoeld voor zelfstandig professionals en ondernemers met een eigen website. Website formulieren en de AVG Iedere website heeft er een. Een formulier waar...